Decks & Pergolas

There is nothing better than enjoying the benefits of a fantastic decking or pergola at your own home, guaranteed to make your outdoor living areas more livable. An outdoor deck or pergola will allow you to spend more quality time with friends and family, enhance the aesthetics of your home and add value at the same time. A2Z has more than 10 years of experience in designing, building and installing visually impressive and the highest quality decking and pergolas. At A2Z we understand that our clients have different needs and budgets from high end to more simple and functional structures, thus we provide flexible services to ensure our clients are totally satisfied. We use the highest quality timbers including cedar, pressure-treated pine, Merbau hardwoods and many more depending on our client’s individual preferences. For our pergolas, we can add polycarbonate sheeting to keep the area water-tight whilst providing shade from the hot sun and protection from inclement weather conditions. We can treat your decks and pergolas with weatherproof stains to achieve your desired end look.

Extensions & Renovations

Do you want to make your home more spacious and a face-lift at the same time, A2Z are the home extension and renovation specialists. We can help you to design and build the perfect new space that will enhance and blend perfectly with your existing home. A2Z specialize in every facet of an extension including customized kitchens and bathrooms as well. Most importantly we acknowledge that it’s paramount we maintain the original character, design and charm of your home once the renovations are completed. We can generally begin the renovations as council approvals are being finalized, hence we can limit the overall project duration and lessen any inconvenience to our clients. No matter how big or small the project A2Z will cater to your personal needs and have plenty of experience with single and two-storey extensions and our skilled tradesmen can work with modern through to heritage homes.

A2Z is happy to provide free pre-project consultation and we provide all our clients with fixed price quotations from existing plans or we can work with you

Roof & Repairs

Our experienced team at A2Z also specializes in everything when it comes to your roof, maybe it’s a brand new roof, re-roofing, a roof extension, roof restoration, or just a roof repair.  We have hundreds of very satisfied customers that we have replaced roofs for in all parts of suburban and rural Sydney. A new roof can dramatically improve the overall appearance of your home, overtime roofs deteriorate sometimes to a point where a simple repair is not sufficient to ensure the safety and overall integrity of the structure of your home. Given the harsh weather elements in Australia, a roof restoration will not only extend the life of your roof but also avoid future costly repair works, ultimately saving you money in the long term.

No matter what your roofing requirements we will be able to provide you with the best solution.

Heritage Jobs

A2Z are expert carpenters in Syndey when it comes dealing with Heritage period home renovations making sure they take the time to do due diligence on the property relating to both council and Heritage Listing regulations should this be required. In particular with Heritage home renovations A2Z focuses on the attention to detail, authenticity of works and ensuring quality finishes, specialized timber and carpentry skills are our forte. A2Z’s commitment to detail is evident as we are now the first choice for many homeowners of period and federation styled houses wanting to renovate their properties in and around Sydney. A2Z has completed renovations on many beautiful Heritage homes and poses all the expertise to transform a home into the 21st century in reference to modern amenities and energy efficiency while the charm and integrity of your Heritage home are always maintained.

A2Z has created a fantastic reputation in this market segment over the years due to the company’s highest standards of professionalism from the start of a project right through to completion.

Strata Jobs

In many instances, Sydney residential land plots allow for the creation of a second house on the same title. There are also many aging apartment blocks on strata title that need a complete renovation so owners can derive greater rental income. A2Z has plenty of experience in making designs, renovating and construction for strata-titled projects. We can design anywhere from one to four-bedroom strata houses with great alfresco dining areas, garages and convenient storage spaces for residential strata blocks. A2Z can assist you in determining if your property is permitted for this type of development via your local council. A2Z is well respected in the industry as a reputable and professional partner for owners and developers in the Sydney strata sector, with plenty of experience in construction and renovating both stand-alone and multi-storey residences and developments.

Smart design, affordability and quality are what you can expect from A2Z on your next strata project.

Insurance Jobs

Sometimes Mother Nature has her way and accidents happen when we least expect them. A2Z will come to your rescue no matter if your home has been damaged by fire, flood, hail damage, high winds, falling trees or any other unforeseen circumstances, rest assured A2Z will be there to make everything brand new again. All our work is guaranteed and repairs and maintenance certainly extend the life of your home and can help in managing any potential health risks you may be unaware of in your home.

A2Z will make bringing your house back to its original state as hassle-free as possible and we will provide a repair and maintenance schedule for you that will prioritize the most urgent problems you are facing. Some other issues that we often encounter and repair are issues caused by floor, roof and wall cavity leaks, hazardous materials identification and risk management, cracks and foundation issues.

Maintenance & Repairs

Throughout its lifetime, every home or commercial dwelling will require a certain amount of maintenance and inevitable repairs of some description. If you are a bit of a mister fix that’s fine but at the end of the day, it’s well employing the reliable services of A2Z to take the headache out of the equation and in the long run, save time and money.

A2Z are maintenance specialists no matter what type of dwelling whether it’s a house, unit, townhouse, apartment block or a commercial shop or building, A2z can provide you with reliable and efficient service. Basically, A2Z will be your one-stop handyman repair service, no matter what the issue, we will get it fixed. Anything from sticking widow jams, issues with doors and locks, maybe a leaking roof, a hole in the wall or ceiling that needs attention, any issue will be easily fixed by our skilled and thorough team of highly trained staff.

Doors & Windows Installation

The importance of properly installed doors and windows in a house or commercial building are often taken for granted. The choice of doors and windows is a very important aesthetic with a significant impact on your homes internal and external decor. Properly installed doors and windows will help to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, not to mention the importance of security, making sure they lock correctly and keep you and your valuables safe. One of the most complicated carpentry tasks is hanging a door correctly ensuring they slide, swing, close and lock easily.

A2Z can provide complete installation and repairs. A2Z can help you hang your blinds, curtains and drapes, window weatherproofing, window frame repairs.

Skirtings/round Skirtings

So you’re ready for new skirting boards to be installed in your home and you would like it to match existing ceiling mouldings and architraves, or you’re looking to come up with a new design element for an updated look and feel. Whether you’re looking to install new skirting boards or match existing A2Z is well equipped to handle all of your wall-related requirements. A2Z can help you learn about some of the important factors to keep in mind when deciding on new skirting boards including design styles, sizes and materials. Design styles to consider are can feature concave or convex curves, geometric shapes and patterns and plain, modern or ornate profiles.

The size will vary depending on the height of the ceiling and hardwood is the traditional and most commonly used material. If you would like a painted finish pine timber is a popular choice, if a natural clear stain is desired then maybe maple or oak timbers are in order.

General Carpentry

If you have any requirements for the installation of new timber works or repairs of any kind then just give us a call. Our fully qualified team of skilled carpenters with years of experience and a love of woodwork will happily serve you. From skirting boards to mantels no job is too big or too small. Sometimes we just never seem to have enough storage space and then making that space aesthetically pleasing at the same time can be another issue, don’t hesitate to call A2Z to design, manufacture and install custom shelves and bookcases to suit your personal requirements, and what’s more, we will guarantee our workmanship. If you are looking for a carpenter Syndey we have what it takes

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