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Home Extensions & Renovations – House Extensions Sydney

Do you want to make your home more spacious and give it a face-lift at the same time? At A2ZCarpentry & Maintenance, we are home extension and renovation specialists. We can help you design and build the perfect new space, which is sure to enhance your home and blend perfectly with your existing building structure.

We specialise in every facet of house extension projects, including customized kitchens and bathrooms. Most importantly, however, we acknowledge that it’s paramount that we maintain the original character, design and charm of your home once the renovation project is completed.

As renovation builders in Sydney, we have seen first-hand what makes a successful renovation project. When you hire A2Z for the job, we bring with us all our experience to the job, ensuring that you will be completely satisfied with the end result and that the job is completed in a timely manner.

Home Improvement & Renovation in Sydney

When it comes to renovations and home improvement projects in Sydney, we would argue that there is no locally owned carpentry company with more experience and more satisfied customers than us. We take pride in keeping ourselves to the highest standards. In addition, we guarantee that we will not exceed your budget or the agreed-upon timeline.

Whether you are looking for regular renovation work, home improvement, or just small renovations projects in Sydney, A2Z can help you out.

The type of materials we work with will be up to you to decide, based on your personal taste and budget. You can also of course consult with us for our expertise in choosing building materials, including advice on finding the best trade-off between design, quality, and cost.

Home Extensions & Building Renovations in Sydney

For larger projects, such as complete building renovations and home extensions, you may need to prepare the necessary city council approvals. However, we can generally begin the renovation work while council approvals are being finalized. This means that we can limit the overall project duration while keeping any inconvenience to you at a minimum.

No matter how big or small the project, A2Z will cater to your personal needs, and we have plenty of experience with single and two-storey extensions. Our skilled tradesmen also have the experience to work with everything from modern through to heritage homes of all types.

Carpenter Sydney

We would be happy to provide a free pre-project consultation, and we provide all our clients with fixed price quotations based on existing plans.

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