6 main advantages of building a deck to the back of your House
31 August 2017

Decking is one of the best things you can do for your home if you want to make a quick alteration and add some serious value to your home or investment property. The best way to add a deck is to engage the services or a reputable builder or carpenterbased in Sydney.

Not only is a deck an area to chill out or party with friends, but its a real asset to your investment. Whether your options are and whatever look you like perhaps a wooden deck or a colourful deck, you can pick from a variety of styles based on your preferences and the type of back yard you have. If your thinking  about a deck here are top reason why it should be on your priority list.

1. Its’ the perfect entertainer and great for dinner parties

If you love your dinner parties then a deck is a good idea. It’s the ideal space to have a family dinner, get your neighbours over for a BBQ, Christmas lunches, basically it’s a hub of communal activity. Make sure you get some great outdoor furniture to complement the deck

A deck is perfect for summer nights and long lazy days which is perfect for the Australian climate. Most people in summer will spend more time outside than in and this is where a deck really sets a standard in family fun.

2. It increases the price of your property

They are a coveted feature for most home buyers and property investors.  It also increases it’s usable living space and therefore its value. If your into flipping properties then this is a must have. Decks in some cases are affordable and are quick to install. If your intending to live in the home for a long time then a deck will over the period of your homes life add considerable value.

3. Give your back yard the wow factor with your new deck

You can go crazy with the amount of choices you have  it can be mind boggling. You can design your deck to add verve and style to your home or a deck can compliment the existing design. All you need is the right design and the right people working on it for you. If your outdoor area is somewhat lack lustre a new deck will breathe new life in to an outdated boring space. Add different colours to suit you taste by having the deck painted.

4. Decks can be added in no time at all.

A deck can be completed in no time at all. If you plan it properly from the beginning and have the right team on your side then you can have your deck ready for those summer BBQ’s in no time at all. Make sure you choose the right carpenter for the job as this will make life so much easier.

5. If you want more space then a deck it perfect for your home, villa or townhouse

It’s a no brainer really. think about how much a deck can add in terms of space. Just think about how much more rent you are likely to get once you add a deck to the back yard area due to the additional liveable area. This is the goal of most Australian households as the cost of property rises each year. It gives you a space  for a BBQ, furniture, plants & toys. This is perfect if you have kids that love to play in the garden area. Guess what store the kids toys under the deck. Now this is a great idea!

6. The cost of a deck for most Australians is cheap.

Think about what you pay for a bathroom or kitchen renovation then get a price for a deck and you will see the value. Most people are happy to part with some serious money for the  interiors renovations but with decking most people have no idea. The trick here is to not go with the cheapest option but go with a reputable builder. Decks prices will vary and this is because of many factors like the materials you decide to use. In any case, it’s really an affordable way to create a new look for the rear of your home. If you have never thought about it then I suggest that you really consider this as a viable option to improving the look of your home.

Carpenter Sydney
The best thing about getting a deck is the availability  of quality trades people in Sydney. So if your thinking about adding any type of a deck to your yard why not give the team at A2Z a call. We are fast, reliable and on time in every way. Call us today!

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